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The Transporter (2002) BluRay 720p 650MB

The Transporter (2002) BluRay 720p 650MB

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Style Action, Crime, Thriller
High quality BluRay 720p

Launch 11 Oct 2002
Nation France
Director Corey Yuen, Louis Leterrier

Artis François Berléand, Jason Statham, Matt Schulze, Qi Shu

Subtitle Indonesia, English


Ex-Particular Forces operator Frank Martin lives what appears to be a quiet life alongside the French Mediterranean, hiring himself out as a mercenary “transporter” who strikes goods–human or otherwise–from one place to a different. No questions requested. Finishing up mysterious and typically harmful duties in his tricked-out BMW, Frank adheres to a strict algorithm, which he by no means breaks. Rule One: By no means change the deal. Rule Two: No names–Frank does not need to know whom he is working for, or what he is transporting. Rule Three: by no means look within the package deal. Frank’s latest transport appears no totally different from the numerous ones he is achieved up to now. He is been employed by an American recognized solely as “Wall Road” to make a supply; however when Frank stops alongside the route, he notices his package deal is shifting. Violating Rule Three, Frank seems to be contained in the bag, discovering its contents to be a gorgeous, gagged lady. Frank’s steadfast adherence to his different two rules–which make up his primary code of survival–also …

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